Our range of stylish dog clothes and pet accessories are known for there fun and boutique designs. They are manufactured with the highest grade materials and superior quality control.

Dog Bless You is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand wholesale distributors for PAMPET Dog Clothes including Dog Coats, Dog Costumes, Dog Shirts, Dog Harnesses and Pet Accessories.

We have the license for the Warner Bros DC Comics SuperPet range, Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes dog clothes and pet accessories. The characters include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Scooby-Doo and Pepe Le Pew costumes, dog shirts, dog caps and bandanas-collars.

Dog Bless You has its own branded lifestyle pet products from around globe that are high quality, a bit different and fun, including an Australian Oilskin range of dog coats and pet accessories, dog socks, neck ties and bow ties.

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Dog Bless You is 100% Australian owned and operated.

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